Ok, I really don’t enjoy tooting my own horn, and I don’t usually just pop up and say these things. But it’s my website, so brace yourselves!  

It’s always nice to hear feedback.  Amongst the many critiques I've received over the years:

As a Performer…

About Yoshimatsu’s Orion Machine:

Kudos to Brian Diehl for his spectacular performance of Takashi Yoshimatsu's Tenor Trombone Concerto "Orion Machine", with the Springfield Symphony.The audience ovation was immediate, standing and well deserved.

-G. Sanders

Sitting in the audience, so close to where you were performing, it was just absolutely incredible to see the entire fantastic theatrical performance. Your cadenza was pure joy, creativity, and utter brilliance! Congratulations!! The trombone is the new solo STAR. And you better take this on the road!!! Every symphony should hire you to play this concerto!

-K. Haddens

I am so in awe of my colleagues in the Springfield Symphony tonight. Brian Diehl, who hit it out of the park playing Orion Machine...I can’t believe I get to play with these folks all the time. And thanks to Kevin Rhodes for making it all happen.

-E. Redman

Brian, I agree with everything Kirsten Haden Lipkens said. From the seventh row, we watched with pride your fabulous performance of the Concerto. Bravo!

-M. Rulnick

You were amazing, Brian! I can't imagine that there are too many trombonists in the world that could even attempt that piece.

-B. Welty

Brian Diehl absolutely KILLED this piece!!! Incredible playing and an awesome piece!!!

-M. Milnarik

Prior Performances:

An opportunity to see a beautiful production of this opera in a local setting comes only occasionally and this is one not to miss. I keep trying not to say “perfect” and “perfection” while writing this notice but, alas, I must use them now. This perfect production, with such superb singer/actors and so many fabulous musicians – listen for the bass trombone solos in the second half played to perfection by Brian Diehl – is a must-see for anyone who knows and loves opera and anyone who just enjoys very good theater.

- Berkshire Edge (concert review), Richard Strauss’ Ariadne auf Naxos, by Berkshire Opera, Sept 1, 2017.

"And other voices stood out…euphonium player Brian Diehl, with his rich, sonorous obbligatos…”. 

-The Day (concert review), by Milton Moore. 


About Mackey’s Harvest Concerto:

“The music (John Mackey’s Harvest Concerto) developed its musical material in clever ways, and its dancing energy was impeccable.  Diehl blew the audience back with accuracy, swing, and very soulful playing.” 

- Jeffrey Johnson (concert review), Hartford Courant.

"I must thank you for a most wonderful MW season concluding this weekend. This last concert is a true showcase of your extraordinary talent and musicianship and a wonderful, fitting culmination to the season. I was spellbound two nights in a row. Given the nature of the selections, the audience was able to appreciate individual sections and musicians in the orchestra more than ever before. It could not have been played so exquisitely had each of you not been so talented, disciplined and focused on your art and presentation. Your ability to present old and new compositions with equal skill and artistry is remarkable! I can’t begin to name individual sections or players, because everyone shone so brightly, and I dare not miss anyone or group. However, of course, I must acknowledge that your own Brian Diehl was stellar and made us all proud! That concerto (Mackey’s Harvest Concerto) was a rocking, cool number. Wow!  Thank you for doing it all and being part of the richness of life in our region. I have always appreciated this, but since my recent serious illness, I savor each day and experience like never before."  

- Audience Member, referring to Mackey’s Harvest Concerto.

"Yesterday afternoon, I was thrilled to hear your performance with the Hartford Symphony.  What a marvelous experience it was! I loved the piece and your incredible skill in it’s performance!” 

- Audience Member, referring to the Mackey's Harvest Concerto.

Prior Performances:

"The Philharmonic picked an all-French program for its outing last night at Memorial Auditorium… The trombone solo (Bolero) was especially fine--smooth, and pulling back nicely at the start of the repeated notes.

- Providence Journal

"Complex shadings from the expanded HSO brass section and the extended doubling for horns and strings that closed the first part of the work (Hindemith Concert Musik for Brass and Strings) produced gorgeous colors.  The second half of the work featured soulful trombone solos from Brian Diehl and a thrilling ensemble texture during the closing passage.”

- Hartford Courant

"The orchestra played the Borodin Second Symphony in its entirety to close the first half of the program. The conductor approached the first movement with vitality.  It is common to use slower tempos in an attempt to make the movement sound more massive, but as demonstrated, with a good brass section, the impression can happen at any speed. The low brass, particularly the trombone trio and tuba, were spectacular throughout, especially so in the Lento trombone lines scored in octaves in the Finale.

- Hartford Courant

"For those of you who were not able to attend the performance… you missed out on an exceptional concert by…Brian Diehl and his accompanist Anastasia Antonacos.  A number of the… members expressed how much they enjoyed the concert as well as Brian's explanation of the individual music pieces he performed.

- Audience member, South Church in Andover MA

"I echo your enthusiasm for (Brian's) concert.  I was flying high for hours!

- Audience member, South Church in Andover, MA

"School of Music faculty member Brian L. Diehl led the USM Trombone Choir in a concert last Thursday evening, with pieces ranging from Bach to Wagner to Jazz.  Their performance included the premiere of Passacaglia by Lauren Bernofsky.  The latter composition, with it's slowly changing harmonies, was written specifically for Diehl and the Choir.  Diehl joined the choir for Eric Ewazen's Myths and Legends before they closed the show with the traditional jazz number, Just a Closer Walk with Thee.

- University of Southern Maine Journal 

As a Teacher...

Here are some comments from several of Mr. Diehl’s students and their parents:

“Words cannot express how fortunate and thankful we were to have you as …’s trombone teacher.  You are an incredible teacher and role model for ….  We will never forget you.” 

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me.  From introducing me to prestigious Youth Ensembles to helping me with my auditions, these past four and a half  years have truly been life-changing.  I am so glad and fortunate that a professional like you lives just around town. I will cherish these musical moments and hopefully grab some more lessons in the future.” 

"Thank you so much for the direction you have given my son. He is lucky to have you as a mentor.” 

"I wanted to thank you for giving me wonderful trombone lessons these past couple of years.  I never left your studio without a smile on my face.  You are an amazing teacher and your passion for music is inspiring… I am excited to pursue my passion for music in college next year! "

"It is evident you care deeply about my son's musical development.  Thank you for all you are doing."

"Wow, your personality is infectious! I love what you bring to the students!"

"I wanted to thank you for everything in these past (4) years.  I have learned so much from you and it has been an honor to work with you."

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that I think you are a fabulous teacher.  I owe all of my current and future success on trombone to you.  I thank you for instilling a love for playing in me, and I can promise that I will continue playing and sharing my music to others in the future…"

"I wanted to thank you for all of the great lessons that you guided me through and for all of the assistance in learning about myself.  I know that I will continue to keep music in my life… thank you for everything."

© Brian Diehl 2017